Chicago School District Strike

13 Sep

On the morning of September 10th while the rest of the country’s youngsters hustled off to school, the children of the Chicago School District stayed home and slept in. Why? Because their teachers had begun a strike; the first strike in the Windy City in 25 years. The teachers of the district are looking for reform, “we are fighting for educational justice. We do not intend on taking this anymore.” Says Stephanie Gadlin, the head spokesperson for the union. These teachers’ demands are nothing radical or shocking. In fact, the union and the district have been in a “negotiation” state since November of 2011, therefor this conflict is nothing new. But as the media has gotten hold of the story it has been blown way out of context and out of proportion. These teachers have been made out to be selfish monsters that have left their students out to dry, but what most of the media has failed to inform us of, is that the students are being neglected as well! Slogans such as “Fighting for the Schools Our Students Deserve”, displayed on signs in the hands of the teachers, doesn’t sound so selfish to me. Hopefully these two sides can compromise quickly before these students fall too far behind in school; making the impact of this conflict much greater than it needs to be.

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