Strike? In Chicago?

13 Sep

The teachers strike in the third largest school district in the nation is really shaking up Chicago. It started Monday and leaders are still trying to make deals with the union. From the teacher’s perspective, there is a huge conflict in the negative light shown on them. The information I got from Fox News’ website made them all out to be horrible people, who are leaving the children out on the streets to be murdered by gang members due to a petty contract dispute. Digging deeper I found out that among the concerns that push the teachers to strike, one of which is a new teacher evaluation system that relies on standardized test scores, which really isn’t fair to the teachers with Chicago’s high rate of poverty, homelessness, and violence that leads to lower scores in city populations. This evaluation could lead to the dismissal of 6,000 teachers. Finding this information, I’m personally not surprised they went on strike. I believe all of the negative media attention blaming the teachers for the “children cast to the streets,” is going to present the most conflict in their ordeal.

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