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13 Sep

Dearest followers,

     We are to write of the incident in Chicago this past week. As we all know, the teachers from the Chicago Teachers Union have rioted, and have caused hundreds of thousands of students to have to go without schooling for the past week. Now, because of this sad event, children are having to go without education and a place to go during the day whilst their parents are, sadly, still having to attend to work, and other responsibilities. I would like to take a moment to address the parenting sector of this whole situation. The parents of these poor children are now faced with so many conflicts and difficulties that it must be downright unbearable. They are now troubled with having to find a place for their children to go, and having to either pay for a babysitter, or burdening a relative to watch them. Yes, some schools have opened their doors for children to come in and enjoy half days of enjoyment and relaxation and watch movies or play games, but do you really think the parents want to send their children to such places, where they have no idea if it is actually safe or not? Or if their child is being cared for in the right way? Probably not. I mean I understand the position the teachers are taking and understand their opinion on the whole situation, but is it really right of them to do such a thing? Don’t we say that the children come first in our society? I mean, that is what we like to believe and say, but this may be evident that it is not always true. Ask yourself, what would you do if you were one of these parents in this situation?

A concerned citizen,

The Adventurer

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