Chicago Teacher’s Strike? EVERYONE PANIC!

18 Sep

With the Chicago Public School teachers strike hitting its fourth day on Thursday, some of the parents of the affected students are looking into alternatives to public school. The conflict started Monday when the school district and the teacher’s union failed to reach a deal that would give teachers benefits they believed they deserved. The strike has created tensions in the district, the third largest in the nation. Parents of the more than 350,000 children are scrambling to find alternatives to the public school system. Many are looking into charter and private schools. What could be the real big problem with the strike is the effects it could have on the rest of the nation. The reason the teachers are striking is because they want reform, which is something that many teachers from around the nation are dealing with. The longer the strike goes on, the higher a chance that more and more teacher’s unions around the nation will strike. Teacher’s around the US are watching Chicago to see what the outcome of this conflict could be.

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  1. lynell1

    September 27, 2012 at 9:24 pm

    I agree


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