18 Sep

The teachers of the Chicago area school district are going on strike, affecting over 400,000 students and nearly 700 schools (according to CPS), due to unfair contracts, unbearable working conditions, etc. These activities are causing a multitude of conflicts between students, parents, teachers, politicians, and many more! With students needing classes to attend, parents are struggling to sign them up for online schools, home school, among other means to teach their children. With a new evaluation system in the plans for the future, there would be nearly 6,000 teachers jobs cut, which in all honesty is something to strike about. Not only is the strike affecting educating students, but according to economists, the drastic 26,000 teachers and support staff who are striking will affect the annual job report dramatically, which in turn could make President Obama look bad and sway the vote for the up and coming 2012 election.

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