02 Oct

This fund is suppossed to create and sustain jobs for people in  communitites in and around the United States, which according to the Starbucks CEO is the sole reason for creating this fund.  However i only feel as if he is doing this to better the posistion of his company, he isn’t doing it just beause its the right thing to do.  It’s really an enlightened self-interest.  I do feel as if he is just “campaining” to gain publicity and attention for the Starbucks brand and name.  People can’t buy coffee without a job, and I feel like this thought is most certainly in the CEO’s head.

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  1. Safona Holcomb

    October 10, 2012 at 10:16 pm

    It is sad to see the depths that companies will go to today to ‘appear’ to be enlightened. I personally wouldn’t believe anything that Starbuck’s (or any of these other conglomerates) say UNLESS THEY were donating SUBSTANTIAL amounts of money out of THIER OWN pockets! Encouraging others to support a good cause is something that I think that they should do by example. And they need to STOP donating 1 cent of every $50 purchase toward these causes. DIG DEEP STARBUCK’S…I know you can afford it!


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