Twitter’s Shares

24 Oct

Dearest followers,

I read the post about Facebook and Twitter, and I have my doubts about it. I was not surprised to read that the stocks prices dropped so significantly low. Honestly, with anything, the interest and appreciation of it will always diminish.. I believe anyways. Twitter states it does not want to go public, but I have serious doubts about it staying a private company. I do believe Facebook said the same thing, and here we see that they clearly have and see the results. I believe that Twitter will too become public some day. It’s shares, no doubt, will be quite pricey, but I believe the same thing will probably happen. I believe the prices will drop rapidly and will find a point where they will stay constant, just as Facebook’s did. It is neither fair nor appropriate to say something that they can’t know for sure, especially if they have no idea if it would happen to Twitter if they did the same thing. There is only one way for us to find out what is going to happen, and that is for Twitter to become public, and that my dear friends is only a matter of time. Or am I wrong? Could everything happen the way the writer of the previous post stated? Who is to say for sure? What do you all think? Let me know:D

Signing off,

The Adventurer

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