Can’t We All Just Get Along

05 Dec

The Integration of Public Relations: Can’t We All Just Get Along

Posted by Jennifer Patricia Brown on October 16th 2012

The introduction of social has created a watershed moment for PR practitioners who must now be intimate partners with their marketing counterparts.

According to Gina Luttrell, Ph.D., assistant professor at Eastern Michigan University, social has changed how disciplines throughout a company work together. “Social media is like water that’s seeping into every area nook of an organization — public relations, marketing, customer service, sales, legal and human resources. There is no part of a business that is untouched.”

Gone are the days when we can sit in silos and hope the other department goes away — or fight them for a piece of the budget. Successful organizations rely on significant cross-functional teamwork, if not full integration.

Such is the case with public relations, where executives want to see a more holistic approach to branding — both internally and externally. A year ago, Marylee Sachs noted for the Institute of Public Relations, “For CCOs and in-house departments, there is a movement towards CMOs owning public relations.”

The question is not if, but when will these functions merge? Savvy professionals can get ahead of the curve by embracing basic change leadership behaviors:

  • Accept change: The marketing business model is changing and successful professionals in the future will be able to adapt quickly.
  • Dare the status quo: Especially in your own pr department, where resistance to change might be high.
  • Act continuously: Consider your actions constantly and also look for opportunities to create great integration across departments.
  • Participate personally: Show the behaviors and partnerships others can shadow.
  • Tear down boundaries: Be a leader in welcoming and educating marketing into the public relations fold and reach out to them to learn.

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2 responses to “Can’t We All Just Get Along

  1. simmons1216

    December 10, 2012 at 4:16 am

    Companies that don’t have intermingling departments can’t exist anymore. But that’s what this article was about. I guess it makes sense that departments should work together, it leads to less fighting and a more efficient budget. It seems like something companies should’ve been doing right from the start.

  2. maverick41

    December 13, 2012 at 11:59 pm

    I agree with simmons1216. Had companies been doing this from the start, this wouldn’t even be a problem. With the economy the way it is today and the budget of firms and such, integrated work between different fields such as PR and marketing is simply the only way to go to save money and have an affordable plan and/or strategy. There is no point in trying to do these things on your own anymore, if you want to be successful, work together!


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