Sadly, the Worst of Times Bring Out the Best in Us- One final thought

17 Dec

It seems appropriate that the last post of the semester is in honor of those lost on Friday in Connecticut. Stay safe and hold your loved ones dear over the Christmas Break. Thank you all for a great semester- I truly appreciate the gifts that each and every one of you bring to my classroom- Peace to all!

Like millions of others, I’ve been transfixed by the Sandy Hook tragedy… Once again, we find ourselves seeking answers to questions that have been asked far too many times.

Predictably, there have been calls for greater gun control.  Just as predictably, there are those who respond with “Guns don’t kill people. People kill people.”  The media is replete with commentary from pundits who weigh in the causes for such events.  Our mental health system has been cited as has our society in which life has been cheapened by violent video games.  The killer will be profiled repeatedly…

While the debates and analysis will continue during the coming days, we shouldn’t lose sight of the goodness exhibited by humankind.  In every tragedy, heroes emerge to restore our faith.  I’m thinking about the principal of the Sandy Hook school, who, before giving up her own life, may have delayed the killer long enough for others to get to cover.  I’m thinking of the young teacher who used her body to shield her young charges as they hid from the killer.

I’m thinking about the young father, Robbie Parker, whose six-year-old daughter Emilie was killed.  In an interview with the news media, he recounted the last time he was with his daughter and asked forgiveness for the family of the killer.  He epitomizes grace and understanding.

I thought about the children, classmates of those who were killed, who were selling their toys at a tag sale to raise money for the victims.  I’m thinking about an anonymous donor from North Carolina who contributed 26 Christmas trees to honor the fallen.

I’m thinking about our President.  Regardless of your political affiliation, one couldn’t helped by being touched by his words following the tragedy.  Visibly shaken and speaking from the heart as a parent, he asked for healing.

I hope for a day when we no longer have to ask the questions about events such as the Sandy Hook tragedy.

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One response to “Sadly, the Worst of Times Bring Out the Best in Us- One final thought

  1. harajukugirl12

    December 19, 2012 at 6:17 pm

    I feel that making gun laws more strict is not going to help anything. Drugs are illegal and people still get them. What is going to stop them from getting any weapons? NOTHING. I think that we need to invest our time and money into helping those who would do these kinds of things. We need to help them gain mental stability and protect our loved ones that way. I personally do not own a gun and I do not plan on owning one, but people have a right to own a gun for protective reasons and for hunting. I think we just need to tighten up the law a bit and test for mental disorders and depression and things along those lines before allowing someone to purchase any weapon.


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